Japanese investors praise Vietnam’s renovation achievements
Many Japanese people admire Vietnam’s achievements in its renovation process which started 25 ago.

Susumu Igarashi, Director of the Social Innovation Company, dealing in securities and financial investment in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, said he first heard of Vietnam’s renovation in 1995 when the first wave of Japanese investment hit Vietnam.

At the time, Japanese newspapers often emphasized the words “doi moi” (renovation), but nowadays, these words simply imply Vietnam.

“Japan’s media new deserible Vietnam as a powerfully growing economy. Many Japanese admire Vietnam’s renovation achievements, and I am one of them”, Igarashi said.

“Only when I came to Vietnam, I really understand the significant of innovation in the country. It was a nice surprise to witness new things occuring everyday as in Phu My Hung urban area. I was very impressed by investment opportunities opening up in Vietnam”, he added.

Akira Shiraishi, Chief Executive Officers of the Social Innovation was interested in Vietnam’s innovation since its beginning. He said he had been in Vietnam before 1975, and was closely following Vietnam’s economic development.

Shiraishi attributed that the success to Vietnam’s successful mobilization of all resources available, including remittances from overseas. “After the war, many Vietnamese left the country, but now they have returned. Vietnam’s policy regarding overseas Vietnamese is wonderful, because the homeland always forgive and encourage them to come back”, he said.

According to Shiraishi, another reason for Vietnam’s achievements is its policy of harmonious development among regions in the country. This has led to social stability and helped attract many foreign investors.

Tomio Iwasaki, an expert in securities investment was also impressed by Vietnam’s efforts to preserve and promote its traditional values.

Iwasaki highly spoke of Vietnam’s economic development in spite of many challenges. He said past is the time Japan’s investment was its assistance to Vietnam. Now on the contrary Vietnam’s acceptance of Japanese investment is promoting Japan’s economic development.
Son Tung ( Source : VOV News )

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